SIP Application Server (N2AS)

SIP Application Logic Scripting Platform

The N-Squared SIP Application Server is a general-purpose platform which is appropriate for a wide range of SIP call-handling services such as:

  • In-Calling Services (e.g. Self-Management, Vouchers, Information)
  • Out-Calling Services (e.g. One-Time-Password, Voice Reminders)

Architecturally, the N2AS is a generic deployment of the common N-Squared SIP framework which also underlies:

The difference being that the above three products are complete solutions, delivered with “out-of-the-box” database structures, data management GUI, provisioning functions, and pre-built service logic to fully implement a single dedicated service.

In contrast, the N2AS product is the “DIY” version. It supports the free-form definition of arbitrary Lua-scripted service logic with a built-in SDK to access auxiliary functions via REST, SOAP, DB lookup, etc.


User & Technical Guide

Protocol Conformance Statements

Supplementary Features

Each inbound or outbound call is controlled by arbitrary scripted service logic, written in the Lua Scripting Language - a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed specifically for embedded use in applications such as this one.

Lua provides a full service logic language, including string manipulation, mathematics, control statements, libraries for JSON, XML, and many other encodings and APIs. In addition, scripts may also use convenient pre-defined callouts for:

  • REST Client requests
  • SOAP CLient requests
  • Database Lookup/Update requests
  • Diameter Client requests
  • ENUM requests
  • MAP ATI/SRI/SRI-SM requests

The N2AS logic may read information from a local or remote database. Layered products such as the N2ACD Automated Call Distribution, N2IWF SIP/Diameter Interworking-Function, and N2SNS Simple Number Services products will add database structures which contain their system-specific service data.

Deployment Notes

Platform Sizing

The N-Squared SIP Application Server is ideal for all operators needing a cost-effective, highly flexible SIP Application Server appliance for rapid rollout of custom scripted services.

The solution is laterally scalable with N+1 deployment for High-Availability, Geographic Redundancy, and to support increased traffic growth.

OSS/BSS Features

N2AS has Administration GUIs for platform monitoring. Standard Operational features include Alarms, Statistics, and Event Data Records.

The N2AS generates Event Data Records including:

  • SIP EDRs describing the SIP call-control interaction.
  • Supplementary (optional) custom service EDRs describing the service flow.

N2SVCD Components

The N2AS is built on the N2SVCD framework. The following diagram shows the N2SVCD components which are available to be deployed for N2AS:

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