Charging/Voucher (N2OCS)

Online Charging & Voucher Server

The N-Squared Online Charging Server (N2OCS) with optional Voucher Server (N2VS) form a cost-effective, basic-feature charging and voucher platform suitable for small-scale and market-entry deployments where mainstream industry solutions may not be appropriate.

The N2OCS/N2VS solution offers the standard features required for most deployments:

  • Configurable Life-Cycle
  • Custom Product Types
  • Custom Balance Types
  • Balance Cascade Rules
  • Fine-Grained Expiry Rules
  • Heirarchical Geographic Definition
  • Flexibile Rating (Minimum, Maxium, Quota, Multi-Step)
  • Documented RESTful API for BSS Integration
  • Native Control via Diameter, RADIUS, HTTP

Optional components:

  • Voucher Management & Recharge Server
  • Pre-Paid CRM Screens for Customer Care
  • INAP/CAMEL Call Control (over SIGTRAN)


  • [N2OCS Product Summary](/files/n2ocs/N-Squared N2OCS Product Summary 2017-05.pdf) (PDF Download)
  • N2OCS Technical Guide (HTML Online)
  • [N2OCS Diameter Conformance](/files/n2ocs/N-Squared N2OCS Diameter PCS 2017-02.pdf) (PDF Download)

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