USSD Gateway (N2UGW)

USSD Gateway for Service Self-Management

The N-Squared USSD Gateway (N2UGW) is a flexible platform for the creation and management of USSD subscriber self-management services in legacy telecommunications networks.

The N2UGW provides a script-based service definition language for USSD interactions, including:

  • USSD One-Shot Requests
  • USSD Context/Hierarchical Menus

Note that the USSD Gateway service logic does not include any local subscriber database. Per-subscriber information including balances, voucher interactions, etc. is obtained at call-time via one or more of the following sources:

  • From the Online Charging Server or another server via Diameter request, or
  • Via REST/SOAP/FOX/External-DB via client callout (supplementary feature).


User & Technical Guide

Supplementary Features

The USSD input string is processed by arbitrary scripted service logic, which is responsible for determining the response to return to the subscriber.

These scripts are written in the Lua Scripting Language - a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed specifically for embedded use in applications such as this one.

Lua provides a full service logic language, including string manipulation, mathematics, control statements, libraries for JSON, XML, and many other encodings and APIs. In addition, scripts may also use convenient pre-defined callouts for:

  • REST Client requests
  • SOAP CLient requests
  • Database Lookup/Update requests
  • Diameter Client requests
  • OCNCC FOX Client requests

The UGW logic may read information from a local or remote database. Note that the default UGW deployment does not include a database – any database creation or data management is a site-specific extension.

Message Flows

The MAP/USSD are defined by the relevant standards:

Note that by itself, the N2UGW product does not include the voice trunking functionality necessary to implement a USSD Callback service. Implementation of USSD Callback requires additional components to perform the SIP or INAP call-leg setup.

Deployment Notes

Platform Sizing

The N-Squared USSD Gateway is appropriate for small/medium-sized operators needing a cost-effective, highly extensible gateway function for a wide range of USSD self-management features.

The solution is laterally scalable with N+1 deployment for High-Availability, Geographic Redundancy, and to support increased traffic growth.

OSS/BSS Features

The N2UGW service definition is performed using a high-level text-based scripting language. A Graphical Interface is provided for platform maintenance. Standard Operational functions include Alarms, Statistics, and Event Data Records.

N2SVCD Components

The N2UGW is built on the N2SVCD framework.
The following diagram shows the N2SVCD components which are deployed for N2UGW:

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