The N-Squared Java SLEE


The N-Squared Java SLEE (N2JSLEE) is a software platform for real-time message processing in multiple mission-critical applications, providing various services, interfaces, and applications as both an Enterprise Service Bus and a fully-featured independent platform.

Built for high transaction volume and low latency, the N2JSLEE scales to handle thousands of transactions a second per virtual machine. Able to be deployed as individual or clustered nodes, the N2JSLEE supports multiple HA deployment patterns natively via Hazelcast data sharding and replication. Deployed on Linux and commodity x86-64 hardware, the N2JSLEE provides a robust solution with low hardware and minimal third-party licensing costs with simple upscaling as required for future business growth.

JSLEE Architecture

The N2JSLEE deploys with a wide selection of flexible applications for message processing and control, providing out-of-the-box functionality for enterprise network environments. Where solution-specific features are required, the platform’s first-class support for customised functionality can be easily applied with immediate effect.

An N2JSLEE solution can further be extended via its seamless integration with other N-Squared platforms for key solution needs:


The N2JSLEE can be deployed either self-hosted in-premises, or cloud-based as a third-party solution. Clustering across multiple servers provides high availability through data replication and redundancy, including disparate geographical locations. Each processing node can be installed on bare metal or virtualized servers.

Each N2JSLEE node can run any or all services available in the wider platform to allow frictionless horizontal scalability. Services or their external endpoints on each node can be brought up or taken down at any time with no loss of service across the cluster. Each processing node can also leverage parallel processing capacity via its multi-threaded, event-based architecture, allowing vertical scalability within servers.

The N2JSLEE is provided packaged for all modern Linux environments and their derivatives including RedHat 7/8, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Debian 18.04+. As a JVM-based solution, the N2JSLEE can use either OpenJDK 11+ or Oracle’s commercial JVM.

N2JSLEE is designed for efficient and fast message delivery, and supports usage scenarios as a high-performance proxy. The N2JSLEE is developed to keep the message transition time within the logic pathways minimal; message encoding and decoding is minimized and features which lower performance can be disabled for faster raw message processing.


Inbuilt Applications

The N2JSLEE platform is delivered with a rich suite of pre-built, composable, highly configurable functional services that allow for message processing and integration with other systems. All services can natively communicate with other services as required anywhere on the N2JSLEE cluster.

Custom Applications

Where site-specific features that transcend the out-of-the-box functionality are required, the N2JSLEE platform provides options to implement them.

Ancillary Functions

The N2JSLEE supports key operational management features necessary for real-time high availability systems, including: